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E-Recipes Now


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Table of Recipes

Blue Blossom Bento Cake

Starry Night Bento Cake

Vintage Bouquet Cake

Princess Cake

Pepperoni Pizza

Seafood Carbonara

Creamy Seafood Bisque

Cheezy Bolognese Miso Ramen

Tiramisu Latte

Oolong Milk Tea

Matcha Coconut Smoothie

Coconut Latte Smoothie

Dirty Thai Tea Choco


The Secret Ingredient Your Kitchen Needs

The Perfect Partner for Pastries, Beverages, and Culinary!

Rich's Gold Label

Creamy flavor. The superior and unique formulation, fit for first-class bakery shops and hotels. Excellent yield and overrun. Versatile and easy to prepare. Best overall performance in terms of functionality and flavor. The gold standard for whipping cream for cakes and dessert applications.
Rich's Bettercreme

Rich's Bettercreme

Delicious & Creamy taste. Melt in your mouth. Unique Freeze Flow technology – whipped cream remains soft in frozen condition. Good stability for storage in chiller and room temperature (≤26°C).
Rich’s Versatie

Rich’s Versatie

Good texture and pleasant taste for both cold and hot applications. Total solution for bakery and hot kitchen. Fast reduction, high yield. Split resistance. Freeze-thaw stable.

Pizza Base

Creatively Customizable – Use as a base to experiment with creative themes and toppings.​ Super Simple – Minimal handling & required no labor skills. Easy to handle – Defrost for 3 to 5 minutes. Simply top, bake and serve.

ICEHOT Non-Dairy Creamer

Smooth and creamy mouthfeel​. Convenient and easy to use. Versatile as it can be used for various applications​. Good vanilla flavor​. Light creamy color.

ICEHOT All Purpose Creamer Concentrate

Highly concentrated creamer. Great companion with coffee and tea. Keeps a vibrant and rich color when added to soups and sauces. Ease of use.

ICEHOT Dairy Whipped Cream

Made with cream. Excellent stability. Easy to control with precise dosage. Quick and hygienic nozzle cleansing.


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