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E-Recipes Now


Mix up your Magic

We are a curious, creative and engaged brand of beverage ingredients. With simple combinations of ICEHOT products, you can create sensational recipes that will leave your customers wanting more.

Table of Recipes

Doughnut Coffee

Piña Colada Coffee

Nocciola Brownie Frappe

Genmaicha Sakura Tea

Rosé Grapefruit Macchiato

Ichigo Matcha Latte

Mango Matcha Latte

Cloudy Mango

Blueberry Yogurt Smoothie

Dragonfruit Strawberry Smoothie

Honeydew Sago

Gula Melaka Coconut Shake

Veggie Fiesta Pizza

Unicorn Pizza

Strawberry Smores Pizza

Seafood Sensation Pizza

Margherita Pizza

Classic Chicken Pepperoni Pizza


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ICEHOT Non-Dairy Creamer

Smooth and creamy mouthfeel​. Convenient and easy to use. Versatile as it can be used for various applications​. Good vanilla flavor​. Light creamy color.

ICEHOT All Purpose Creamer Concentrate

Highly concentrated creamer. Great companion with coffee and tea. Keeps a vibrant and rich color when added to soups and sauces. Ease of use.

ICEHOT Dairy Whipped Cream

Made with cream. Excellent stability. Easy to control with precise dosage. Quick and hygienic nozzle cleansing.


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