Exciting Events

All caught up? We don't think so! Join us for exciting events!

Jom Raya Beli & Menang

Pelbagai hadiah ekslusif dan menakjubkan menanti anda di Peraduan RAYA JOM BELI & MENANG RICH’S! Jangan lepaskan peluang, mari lihat apa yang kami sediakan sempena musim Aidilfitri yang istimewa ini.

2022 New Year Giveaway!

It's Giveaway Time! As 2022 approaches, we are excited to have you with us for another amazing journey again! Tell us how Rich Products Malaysia has impacted your life and stand a chance to win a Limited-Edition Gift from us!

2021 Christmas Buy & Win

Join Rich Products Malaysia in this amazing Buy & Win! Stand a chance to WIN GIFTS by spending RM30 on a single receipt at Rich's E-Shop. Make your Christmas sweeter this season!