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Table of Recipes

Table of Recipes

Berry Bliss

Forêt NoireMille Feuille

Blossom Bouquet Cake

Biscoff Cheese Fuji Tart

Green Tea Tropical Opera

Citrus Coconut Cloud

Salted Mocha

Garden In The Cup

Seafood Clam Chowder

Lemon Dill Creamy Macaroni With Salmon

Chicken Pepperoni Pizza

Japanese Curry Bagel

Rich Products Malaysia

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Rich's Gold Label

Creamy flavor. The superior and unique formulation, fit for first-class bakery shops and hotels. Excellent yield and overrun. Versatile and easy to prepare. Best overall performance in terms of functionality and flavor. The gold standard for whipping cream for cakes and dessert applications.
Rich's Bettercreme

Rich's Bettercreme

Delicious & Creamy taste. Melt in your mouth. Unique Freeze Flow technology – whipped cream remains soft in frozen condition. Good stability for storage in chiller and room temperature (≤26°C).
Rich's Klasik Creme

Rich’s Klasik Creme

A nostalgic taste with a twist and ready to be whipped. Perfect match with savoury or salty ingredients. Derived from a Proprietary Freeze Flo technology which allows the consumption of bakery items at ambient temperature with no risk of bacterial growth. Easy to handle.
Rich’s Chocolate Whip Topping

Rich’s Whip Topping Chocolate

Great Taste: Smooth and rich chocolate flavor with tempt even the most discerning taste bud. Value-added product. Ideal for bakeries and foodservice as a topping, icing and filling for cakes pastries, desserts and beverages.

Rich’s Whip Topping Base

A frozen liquid concentrated whip topping that can be used as a topping, filling or icing. A versatile concentrated cream. Can be used with fruit juice, fruit puree, milk and dairy cream to create your signature flavor and color. Acid Tolerant. Suitable for vegan.

Rich's Milk Topping

It contains no less than 42% dairy content. Natural milky taste. Outstanding Stability. High overrun. Low sweetness. Easy to operate. Acid tolerance.
Avoset Whipping Cream

Avoset Whipping Cream

100% dairy cream. Naturally unsweetened with a fresh creamy taste. Good acid-tolerant to prevent coagulation. From Australia.

Rich's Gourmet Trio

Made in Spain from high-quality buttermilk Creamy and unsweetened, suitable for savory and sweet application Perfect for culinary, bakery, and beverages Heat and acid resistance
Rich’s Double Cream

Rich’s Double Cream

Suitable for both hot and cold kitchen requirements. Can be used in savory or sweet recipes. Great acid tolerance. All-purpose cream for foodservice and bakery operators. Fast reduction, high yield. Split resistance. Freeze-thaw stable.

Rich's Portuguese Egg Tart Shell

Convenient. Easy-to-use from freezer to oven. Excellent eating quality. Ready to bake.

Pizza Base

Creatively Customizable – Use as a base to experiment with creative themes and toppings.​ Super Simple – Minimal handling & required no labor skills. Easy to handle – Defrost for 3 to 5 minutes. Simply top, bake and serve.

ICEHOT All Purpose Creamer Concentrate

Highly concentrated creamer. Great companion with coffee and tea. Keeps a vibrant and rich color when added to soups and sauces. Ease of use.

ICEHOT Beverage Topping

Smooth and creamy vanilla taste. 2-in-1 beverage topping, great as dollop & foam. Good acid resistance. Economical, optimal portability. Vegan friendly.

ICEHOT Beverage Foam (Original)

Convenient & ready to pour. Stable & consistent quality. Thick & smooth texture. Available in Original & Cheese flavors.


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